A few words about me and myself

My name is Milan, and this is my personal web space. I am the Head of Quality Engineering and Regulatory Technology at N26, the mobile bank.

I started my career as a Software Test Consultant where I was helping development teams in large organizations in banking and insurance domain to establish automation in testing culture. Later on, I have moved to Berlin to work on quality and reliability improvements in challenging Ad tech space.

In the last decade I have gained practical experience in software testing and quality engineering, in particular, agile testing, automation in testing and tooling, which I am sharing with development teams to improve the quality and process of building software.

In my current role, I am working with distributed engineering teams on building the highest software quality in mobile banking by following good practices in quality engineering.

I am active in the testing community, through our Slack channel. I share my thoughts @milan_kuveljic, feel free to reach out. I also write about ideas, tools, processes and everything that matters to our work

I enjoy speaking publicly at the conferences and meetups where I share my knowledge and experience. You can check my previous speaking engagements. If you think I can contribute to your event, conference or a meetup, feel free to reach out.

You can contact me via below social networks, or check my resume.